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Last Updated: Wednesday November 18 2009 18:31 GMT

More websites 'need panic button'

Hayley investigates web safety buttons

Big social networking websites should include a help button for children to report bullying and other problems, says a major online safety team.

The Child Protection and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre isn't happy with sites aimed at older kids, like Facebook, for not having their button.

Clicking the Ceop button puts kids in touch with specially trained police officers who can help them.

Only one big networking site, Bebo, has installed the button so far.

Leah chats with web safety expert

Even though not all children are old enough to use those sites, you may have already seen it on MSN Messenger. Lots of other sites aimed at kids have it.

Jim Gamble, from Ceop, said there is no reason why sites like MySpace and Facebook had not done the same.

A Facebook spokesperson said they had their own system for keeping people safe online.

But they also said they would see how the Ceop button went down on Bebo, and take it into account when they next looked at their security features.