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Last Updated: Wednesday November 18 2009 13:46 GMT

In pictures: Behind the scenes on Paramore video

Hayley Williams from Paramore

We know some of you are pretty big fans of Paramore, so figured you'd be pretty keen to see some behind the scenes pics from the band's new video, Brick By Boring Brick.

Filming of the Paramore video

Hayley from the band says the track is about understanding that life can sometimes be boring...

Lead singer Hayley Williams gets ready to sing their new song, Brick By Boring Brick, at the video shoot.

But singer Hayley isn't the star of the video. Instead it's a young girl, who is also called Hayley. Hmmn....

Filming of the Paramore video

Guitarist Josh also stars in the video, as a gravedigger.

lming of the Paramore video

The single is out on 23 November, just before the band hit the UK for a big concert at Wembley Arena in London that is already sold out. Let's hope it's not boring!