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Last Updated: Monday November 16 2009 15:10 GMT

Joe Calzaghe was bullied by his schoolmates

Boxer Joe Calzaghe was bullied at school

He may have been a boxing world champion and unbeaten in the ring, but Joe Calzaghe was still picked on when he was at school.

He told Newsround his story:

"I'm a champion boxer, undefeated, but I was bullied at school.

It was while I was boxing. I was British champion at the time but it didn't stop people picking on me, bullying me.

Kids on bikes would come to my house after school - they just wanted to pick a fight with me.

It was the start of a bad few years for me and the people who I thought were my friends suddenly weren't my friends.

They singled me out and started trouble with me.

It affected my lessons at school. I struggled with English and maths because I was so worried about being picked on in class.

I couldn't concentrate. It was a horrible situation to be in.

I overcame it with my boxing - if it wasn't for that I don't know what would have happened.

After school I would work out and focus on something else. That's what helped me."

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