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Last Updated: Monday November 16 2009 15:11 GMT

Our own Jedward review the X Factor

John and Edward

John and Edward are identical twins, just like Jedward on the X Factor. So we've got them to give us their views on the show.

Jamie Archer got the boot this week, after the public chose Lloyd Daniels to stay. But our John and Edward reckoned that was the wrong decision.

John said: "Jamie was the best on the night. He got the crowd going. Lloyd was definitely worse - he hasn't got a strong enough voice."

And Edward added: "The picked the wrong person. Jamie is the better singer."

So what did our boys make of the other performances? Here's a quick rundown:

Olly Murs

"We thought his performance was excellent, especially his dancing."

Joe McEldery

"He was good, but the backing singers overpowered his voice."

Stacey Soloman

"Excellent, she hit all the big notes very well."

Danyl Johnson

"His was a great song choice, fantastic."

And of course, there are the boys' namesakes,

John and Edward

"We thought the pair were quality, they are getting better. Best performance yet, and they looked good."