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Last Updated: Saturday November 14 2009 10:21 GMT

Missing army dog found alive

Missing army dog found alive

More than a year after an Australian bomb sniffing army dog disappeared during a battle in Afghanistan, the pooch showed up safe and well.

Sarbi the retriever went missing when the patrol she was on was ambushed.

Brigadier Brian Dawson from the Australian Defence Force, said she seemed to be healthy despite her adventure in the wilds of Afghanistan.

Sarbi is being tested for disease before possibly returning home to Australia for a well-earned rest.

Nine Australian soldiers, including Sarbi's trainer, were wounded in the fighting when she was lost.

After the battle there was no sign of the dog, and months of searching failed to find her. Sarbi was officially declared Missing In Action.

An Australian military spokesman said it would probably never be known exactly what had happened to Sarbi in the 14 months she was missing, but the fact that she was in good shape showed she had been cared for by someone.