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Last Updated: Sunday November 15 2009 10:50 GMT

I am a trained CyberMentor

Press Packer Tim with N-Dubz
Press Packer Tim with N-Dubz

Press Packer Tim is a CyberMentor for the charity Beatbullying.

He went to a special event in London for the launch of Anti-Bullying Week.

"In June 2009, some members of the charity Beatbullying came to my school in Cambridge to train me and 24 other young people to become CyberMentors.

CyberMentors is a website for young people to help other young people.

It was a really interesting training that meant afterwards I could talk to people about their problems and think of ways to help them with stuff like bullying and general un-happiness.

After mentoring lots of people, I was asked by Beatbullying to go to the BBC Maida Vale Studios in London for the launch of Anti-Bullying Week.

Meeting N-Dubz

There I met Ed Balls who is Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, and N-Dubz who are a hip hop band. They recorded the Beatbullying anthem R U Cyber Safe?

At the studios I also got to meet many people from Beatbullying, and some other young people who had been involved in making some other music to promote CyberMentors.

Then a car drove up with Ed Balls inside - Emma-Jane, the CEO of Beatbullying and I greeted him, and then I got to talk to him and answer some of his questions about CyberMentors - it was really interesting.

I hope his interest in CyberMentors and Beatbullying will really help us to get more money for the project, and make bullying less of a problem in schools and everywhere."

Tim, 13, Cambridge

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