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Last Updated: Friday November 13 2009 15:49 GMT

Weeing outside to grow a garden

Men using the Pee Bale

Gardeners at a country house in Cambridgeshire are being encouraged to go to the loo outside to help their garden grow.

A 3m long straw "pee bale" has been installed at Wimpole Hall. The wee will help break up compost before it's spread around the garden.

So now gardeners and other male staff are all using the bale as a toilet.

And it's also good for the environment, as the bale obviously doesn't need flushing, so it saves water.

Head gardener Philip Whaites said the "pee bale" is only in use out of visitor hours, since "we don't want to scare the public".

As well as the obvious reasons for limiting the bale to men, he said: "Male pee is preferable to women's, as the male stuff is apparently less acidic."