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Last Updated: Thursday November 12 2009 15:32 GMT

In pictures: The stars of Newsround's bullying programme

Aston from JLS

There are some pretty big names in Newsround's bullying special. Aston from JLS is one the celebs involved.

Boxer Joe Calzaghe

Former undefeated boxing world champion Joe Calzaghe put away his Strictly shoes to take part.

Actress Patsy Palmer

Like all the famous faces in the programme, EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer talks about her bullying experiences.

George Sampson

Britain's Got Talent champ George Sampson helps out too.

CBBC's Gemma

And here's a familiar face to CBBC viewers. Gemma leaps out of Jack's TV to offer him her advice.

Actor Tom

But it's not all famous faces. This is Tom who plays the main character in the programme, called Jack. He has a lot to learn during the show.

Actor Brendan.

And this is another of our actors Brandon. He's the unfortunate person being bullied while Jack stands by and lets it happen.

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