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Last Updated: Thursday November 12 2009 09:04 GMT

Too much salt in pasta sauces

Hayley looks into the salty problems of pasta sauces'

Some pasta sauces have too much salt in them, according to the Food Standards Agency.

They are warning that some have as much as three times the amount of salt your body needs in one day.

According to tests, the sauce with the highest salt content was Jamie Oliver's Spicy Olive and Garlic.

Experts want to see the amount of salt in processed foods reduced, and the Government is warning that too much can lead to serious health problems.

A spokesman for Jamie Oliver said they were working on new lower-salt recipes.

Around a 190 different sauces were examined. Experts say that the information printed on labels isn't always clear, so people aren't always aware of how much salt they are eating.

Tomato-based sauces and those containing olives and bacon tended to be most salty, whereas versions with chilli or basil were more likely to be lower.