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Last Updated: Wednesday November 11 2009 06:13 GMT

In pictures: Mini pigs - the latest pet craze?


Is this the face of the next pet craze? Micro-pigs might be the next big thing after rumours that Victoria Beckham bought two for hubby David.

Pig and dog

The mini-porkers grow to about 40cm, and seem to get on well with other animals.

Pig and ball

A mini-pig and a ball? There's a joke about a bacon roll in there somewhere, but we won't make it.

Pig and beans

The mini pets certainly won't take up much space in the home. But they do need to be carefully looked after - a pig is for life!

Pig and cat

And when they're tired out, they seem happy to bed down with other animals too!




How much do you know about the porky creatures?