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Last Updated: Wednesday November 11 2009 06:10 GMT

Dog 'too big' to find a home

Dog too big to find a home

Dog owners know their pets need a lot of space - which might be why one dog is finding it tough to find a home.

Rocky the Great Dane cross is more than 1.8m tall on his hind legs, and has been living at a dog shelter ever since he got too big for his last owners.

Because he's so big, he is being kept in a kennel that would normally house three pooches.

Fiona Hopkinson, from the Cheshire Dogs Home in Warrington, says his size means he's proving very tough to rehome.

"He's just so big, but he has a lovely nature and would make a lovely companion for the right family," she said.

"We have to make sure that he is given the right home because he is just so big and powerful.

"He can't go to a home that already has dogs or young children because there's a risk he could just overpower them."

Meanwhile, she and her staff are having to walk Rocky with two leads, because he's too strong for just one.



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