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Last Updated: Wednesday November 11 2009 12:42 GMT

Quiz: Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz and a scene from Stormbreaker

Question 1

What unusual present did Anthony's mum give him for his 13th birthday?

A: A year's supply of gardening magazines
B: A vacuum cleaner
C: A human skull

Question 2

At what age did Anthony first get paid to write?

A: 20
B: 16
C: 31

Question 3

Where did Anthony get married in 1988?

A: Hong Kong
B: Jamaica
C: Wales

Question 4

As well as writing books, what else does Anthony write?

A: He writes film and TV scripts
B: He writes recipes for a newspaper
C: He writes about football matches

Question 5

What did Anthony's father do for a living?

A: He wrote books
B: He was in the Army
C: He worked for the Prime Minister

Question 6

What's the name of the spy who features in lots of Anthony's books?

A: Alex Rider
B: Alec Spider
C: Ally Strider

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