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Last Updated: Tuesday November 10 2009 17:39 GMT

Hamsters Go Going off the shelves

Go Go Hamster

What will be top toy this Christmas?

It might only be the middle of November, but shops are already getting ready for Christmas, and one toy in particular is racing off the shelves.

Loads of kids seem to want to get their hands on the Go Go Hamster, a toy which interacts with you and can explore its surroundings.

Every Christmas usually sees a rush for one toy - in previous years it's been the Wii and a Buzz Lightyear figure.

It's thought the hamster is proving popular because it costs under £10.

And because the country's been going through money problems this year, cheap toys may be proving more popular.

Lots of sellers have run out of Go Go Hamsters already, but there is still lots of time until Christmas.