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Last Updated: Thursday November 12 2009 15:32 GMT

In pictures: Behind the scenes on NR special

Filming on Newsround's special bullying programme

Newsround has made a special programme all about bullying. It's called Whose Side Are You On? and is set in a made-up school. On the left is the main character Jack.

Actors Tom and Brandon

Jack, on the left here, is played by an actor called Tom. The other boy is Brandon, who plays Liam in the programme. In the show Liam is having a bad time with bullies.

The pupils at Newsround's fake school

A lot of the action is set in the school Liam and Jack both go to. Jack is trying to stay out of the bullies' way, which means he isn't as good a friend to Liam as he should be.

Filming on Newsround's special bullying programme

Filming isn't all about cameras, sets and actors though. Lot of other people help out behind the scenes to make sure everything works out as it ought to.

Green screen technology

These green sheets are really useful. Once we've filmed with them in the background, we use computers to add in other clips in place of them. In this case, George Sampson posters.

Filming on Newsround's special bullying programme

The crew had to spend a lot of time filming at the school. Although it's got a made-up name and uniform it does exist, in Crawley in West Sussex.

Pupils at Newsround's fake school

To make the scenes inside classrooms look real we needed to use other children to sit in the room with our main actors. They're called extras.

Filming Tom for the Newsround special

But most of the filming was still of Tom, playing Jack. He's got a lot of thinking to do during the special.

Newsround's film team

And here's the team behind the camera. As you can see there are quite a few of them, and they use lots of notes to make sure everything is done just right. And cups of coffee!

Checking the shot

Now you may have seen people do this in TV programmes, but this proves it does happen for real too. It helps the cameraman frame his shots.

Tom behind the camera again

Maybe Tom fancies stepping behind the camera at some point in the future? He seemed to spend a lot of time looking down the lens.

Filming Newsround's special with Aston JLS

And here's the team using those green screens again. This time it's for Aston from JLS so he can appear to move out of a magazine cover on a red carpet.

Filming on Newsround's special bullying programme

And here's the red carpet inside the classroom. Later the two bits of film will be edited together to fit into the finished programme.

Newsround's bullying special

Newsround on bullying - Whose Side Are You On?

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