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Last Updated: Monday November 16 2009 06:55 GMT

I met Aston from JLS!

Aston JLS and Luciano

Luciano was getting ready for a normal day at school when his teacher sprang a big surprise.

First they explained Luciano's class would be doing an extra music lesson, and then added they'd be joined by a special guest.

So which chart-topper would it be (the clue's in the headline!)...

"It was looking like a normal Wednesday until we were told that instead of doing music technology for the last two lessons we were going to be doing it the whole day!

We were all really excited and when we got to the classroom we saw two men who worked for the BBTunes Workshop.

The BBTunes Workshop is the Beat Bullying Tunes Workshop which works to help stops children getting bullied.

Publish our own music

The organisers do this by making and sending out songs, produced by children in schools, to give a message to stop bullying.

And we were one of the schools that was going to make a BBTune and it would go on iTunes!

Hurriedly, we all got into groups and made a chorus and lyrics to make the best BBTune ever!

First of all we all put our lyrics together - some from each group - to make our bit of the song.

Then we created a good background beat and three of the girls recorded their chorus a few times. This was really fun because they sounded amazing and the chorus was brilliant because it was really catchy!

Into the future

Group by group we all recorded a part of the song to add extra brilliance to it!

The first two parts were raps about trying to stay away from the bully then it fast-forwards to what happened in the future and how to stop the bullying.

Originally, we heard it all individually but not together so we didn't know what it would sound like until the end.

Aston from JLS
Aston from JLS

And then when we were about to listen to it our teacher said we had a special guest arriving to hear it too. At first we thought it would just be one of the other music teachers, but it turned out to be Aston from JLS!!!

Everyone was so excited. The girls were screaming and some were just shocked!

Aston told us he was helping out with the BBTunes workshop as he is supporting the work of the charity BeatBullying.

What does JLS mean?

He explained to us that he doesn't want children to get bullied because he used to get bullied about his height.

Everyone was firing questions at him and I managed to ask a few, including the one I wanted to find out the most which was what does JLS stand for. He told us the answer is Jack the Lad Swing.

He also listened to our BBTunes which he said were good!

But then he had to go as some newspapers were there to interview him. I even got interviewed about what it was like!

Newsround bullying special
Joe Calzaghe and Aston from JLS

I learnt a lot from the workshop - like how to record on the computer, how to make a beat and learning stories about others and their experience of bullying I didn't even really know about.

And it was amazing to meet Aston but sad when he had to leave. But it was great to get a photo and autograph as well as a produce a song which is on iTunes!

I would like to thank BBTunes and my school for this wonderful day!"

Luciano, 12, London

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