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Last Updated: Tuesday November 10 2009 10:41 GMT

Scouts back X Factor loser Lucie

See X Factor Lucie's original band

Lucie Jones might be out of the X Factor but she still has loads of fans, including thousands of scouts.

Lucie has been involved with the scout movement since she was six and two years ago she was the face of a scout pop group.

She performed at an international scout gathering in front of 40,000 people.

And her scout fans have not deserted her now that she has left the X Factor, as loads of them have complained about Simon's decision to axe Lucie.

The scouts have joined with thousands of other viewers who were unhappy with Simon Cowell's decision to keep the Jedward twins in the competition.

Keeping the boys in took the situation to deadlock, meaning that the audience at home decided who stayed in.

TV complaints

Lucie had the fewest votes and so lost the sing off.

Simon Cowell
Simon sparked lots of complaints

Lots of people are really angry at Simon for doing this as he has criticised John and Edward in the past.

Ofcom, who make rules about what is shown on TV, had more than 3,000 complaints made to ITV after the result show on Sunday.

But an Ofcom spokesman said that it wouldn't be taking the matter any further as it investigates complaints including the treatment of TV show contestants and flaws in voting processes, but not the outcome of programmes.