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Last Updated: Tuesday November 10 2009 07:34 GMT

UK kids 'can't identify animals'


Ricky reports on the wildlife survey

Children in the UK don't have very good knowledge of wild animals, according to a survey.

The people behind the study asked 1,000 children about animals. Half couldn't recognise a crocodile, while one in 10 didn't know what a gorilla was.

The research also found that almost one in every four kids asked had never been to a zoo or wildlife park.

And around one in 10 children couldn't tell the difference between a male and female lion.

It seems that a lot of children get their information on wildlife from watching programmes on television, although a small number admitted they'd never seen one.

And if you're one of those confused by lions, almost all the male ones have manes of hair around their necks, the female ones - or lionesses - don't.