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Last Updated: Monday November 09 2009 17:30 GMT

Calls to cut magazine airbrushing

Ore airbrushed

A group of doctors have called for magazines to label pictures of models they use that have been altered.

Lots of magazines change the pictures they use to make models look thinner or to give them better skin or teeth, and this is called airbrushing.

But the experts reckon this can harm the people who read the mags, as it makes them worry about how they look.

As well as labelling airbrushed pics, some politicians want airbrushing banned in adverts aimed at kids.

At the moment, the people who monitor adverts can't make advertisers say if they have airbrushed an advert.

But they have hinted that might change if they get clear evidence that airbrushing causes harm.

The group of experts hope a report they have put together will be enough to make the change happen.