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Last Updated: Monday November 09 2009 15:11 GMT

Interactive quiz: Do you know your animals?

Do you know your animals?

Research shows nearly a quarter of you have never visited a zoo or wildlife park. So how well can you actually tell one animal from another?

Wild animals

1.) Cheetah

Which one of these beasts is a cheetah?

  1. Do you reckon this fella is the cheetah?
    Is this a cheetah?
  2. Or could it be this cheeky chap?
    Is this a cheetah?
  3. Or is this big cat your prime suspect? No cheating now!
    Is this a cheetah?

2.) Crocodile

Can you tell which one of these three is the crocodile?

  1. Croc or not?
    Is this a crocodile?
  2. Or is this the croc?
    Is this a crocodile?
  3. Give us the answer - and make it snappy!
    Is this a crocodile?

3.) Gorilla

Can you spot the king of the swingers? Which one's the gorilla?

  1. No monkey business now - is this the gorilla?
    Is this the gorilla?
  2. Could this chap be the one you're looking for?
    Is this the gorilla?
  3. Or is this cutie the ape you're after?
    Is this the gorilla?

4.) Lion

Can you tell which one of these is the king of the animals?

  1. Is this cool customer the lion?
    Is this the lion?
  2. Or is this critter the mane event?
    Is this the lion?
  3. Or maybe this grumpy looking cat is the lion?
    Is this the lion?


  1. It's B. A is a jaguar, and C is a leopard.
  2. It's A. B is a komodo dragon, and C is an aligator.
  3. It's B. A is a chimpanzee and C is a baby gibbon.
  4. It's C. A is a snow leopard and B is a tiger.

Your Score

0 - 1 : A pretty "paw" performance

2 - 3 : "Fur"ly good

4 - 4 : Ani-magic!