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Last Updated: Monday November 09 2009 14:13 GMT

Newsround makes special bullying show

Whose Side Are You On?

Newsround's bullying special

Newsround's putting out a special programme on Monday 16 November all about bullying: Whose Side Are You On?

It looks at a side of bullying we don't normally think about - the people who stand by and watch it happen.

The special features some celebrities who had problems with bullying when they were younger, including Aston from JLS and boxer Joe Calzaghe.

You'll be able to watch the programme at 4.55pm on BBC1 and afterwards on the Newsround website.

The programme will also be repeated on the CBBC Channel on Thursday 19 November at 6.30pm.

Joe Calzaghe and Aston from JLS
Boxer Joe Calzaghe and Aston from JLS

Aston's bullying was racist. He was the only mixed-race player on his football team, and was bullied as a result.

Even now Joe Calzaghe still doesn't really know exactly why he was bullied and finds it difficult to talk about.

He says people started being nasty to him behind his back, and some of them used to be his friends too.

Also taking part are EastEnders' Patsy Palmer, bullied for her ginger hair, and CBBC's Gemma Hunt.

George Sampson chat

And after the special is shown for the first time on 16 November, you'll be able to put your questions to another famous face starring in it - George Sampson.

He's coming in for a live webchat straight after the show.

And you'll also be able to put some questions to an expert from BeatBullying and they'll be answered later in the week.

Newsround's bullying special

Newsround on bullying - Whose Side Are You On?

George Sampson webchat

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