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Last Updated: Monday November 09 2009 07:31 GMT

Hurricane hits Central America

A car damaged by Hurricane Ida

More than 100 people have been killed in El Salvador in Central America after a hurricane blew across the country.

Hurricane Ida dropped masses of rain on El Salvador, and the high winds have also caused big problems.

But it was the town of Verapaz that seems to have been worst affected, after soaking wet soil and earth turned into a mudslide that hit the town.

Homes and cars were buried by the mud, and rescue workers and other people have been searching for survivors.

Manuel Melendez, 61, had a house in Verapaz but it has now been destroyed. He said: "It was terrible. The rocks came down on top of the houses and split them in two, and split the pavement. I heard people screaming all around."

A satellite image showing Hurricane Ida
This satellite image shows Hurricane Ida

By Sunday evening the governent in El Salvador said that 124 people had been killed, and added that a further 60 were missing.

Mexico prepares for storm

Hurricane Ida is now headed towards Mexico and America.

Weather experts think the storm may lose some of its strength by the time it hits the other countries, but it is still likely to cause big problems.