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Last Updated: Monday November 09 2009 06:57 GMT

Jedward saved by Simon Cowell!

John and Edward

John and Edward have survived to sing another week on the X Factor after being saved by Simon Cowell!

The pair were in the last two for the first time, and were up against Lucie Jones, who had been tipped to win.

Louis and Danni voted for their own acts and after Cheryl chose to save Lucie, Simon voted for Jedward, meaning it went back to the public vote.

And more members of the public had voted to save John and Edward than Lucie, so they stayed on the show.

A lot of people were surprised Simon didn't use his opportunity to get rid of the pair. Had he voted to send them home, they'd have been out of the competition.

Instead he decided to let the public vote determine which act left the show.

Stacey Solomon
Last girl standing - Stacey is the only girl left on the show

Only one girl left

Now that Lucie has left the show Stacey is the only female singer left in the competition - the other six acts are all male.

Even though John and Edward had knocked her out Lucie was nice about them, saying: "I'm gutted, but the boys deserve to be here, they work harder than anyone."