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Last Updated: Saturday November 07 2009 12:25 GMT

Dog gets head stuck in hole in wall

Daisy with one of the firemen who helped to free her

A dog had to be helped out of a hole by fire crews when she got her head stuck in an airway used for a tumble dryer.

Black and white Staffordshire terrier Daisy poked her head into the six-inch round hole at her Cambridgeshire home, but then couldn't get it out.

As she scrabbled to free herself, her head swelled up until she was well and truly wedged in the wall.

Firemen had to chip away at the bricks around Daisy's head for about 30 minutes before she was finally freed.

Apart from a couple of scratches that she got while trying to free herself, Daisy wasn't hurt and was given the all-clear by vets.

Daisy with her head stuck in the hole
The hole in the wall is designed for a tumble dryer vent, not a dog's head!

Kevin Napier, from the fire crew that was called to Daisy's home, said it had been a pretty unusual job.

"Due to the swelling of Daisy's head while she had been struggling, there was no way she would have been able to free herself," he said.

"However, a successful outcome was achieved and Daisy appeared well and upbeat considering her ordeal.

"She even gave us all lots of licks to say thank you."