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Last Updated: Friday November 06 2009 15:53 GMT

Rugby players facing more injuries

Hayley investigates the increase in injured rugby players

Hayley reports on the increase in rugby injuries

Rugby is a physical game and you might expect the players to suffer a few knocks, but the current England squad are picking up more injures than ever.

And more than half the first choice players are on the bench with injuries at the moment.

Sport experts reckon it could be because the players are training too hard and getting too big.

Players are now 6cm taller and 6kg heavier than they were 20 years ago - so tackles can be tougher.

Players are now training all year round and their training is more to do with pumping iron in the gym rather than training outside on the grass.

All this extra effort is making the players bigger and stronger, which leaves them more open to injury because when large players hit each other they do more damage.

Adam Jones
Lions prop Jones dislocated his shoulder against South Africa

Some tackles could feel as hard as a truck hitting the player at 70 miles an hour.

The England squad are taking on Australia on Saturday but with half their first choice players sitting it out they may have a pretty tough job on their hands.