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Last Updated: Friday November 06 2009 11:22 GMT

Prime Minister says Jedward 'not very good'

John and Edward

Simon Cowell really doesn't like them, and Cheryl Cole doesn't want them to win, but now the Prime Minister has come clean on Jedward.

And it's not good news for the X Factor hopefuls from Ireland, as Gordon Brown said the pair were "not very good".

He was being interviewed on Manchester radio station Key 103, and admitted while he likes the show, he's not keen on John and Edward.

On Saturday the pair are set to be performing the tune from Ghostbusters.

The theme this week on the X Factor is movie songs, so most contestants are likely to blast out a power ballad to show off their singing skills.

Ricky goes Strictly Blackpool

But John and Edward are expected to attempt to dazzle the audience once again with an energetic version of Ghostbusters.