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Last Updated: Thursday November 05 2009 15:25 GMT

Quiz: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Question 1

Which was the first talent show to star Simon as a judge?

A: Popstars
B: Pop Idol
C: The X Factor

Question 2

Which of these acts did Simon mentor in The X Factor 2008?

A: Eoghan Quigg
B: Alexandra Burke

Question 3

What is Simon's record company called?

A: Simple Music
B: Sumo Music
C: Syco Music

Question 4

Simon starred in an episode of which cartoon?

A: Spongebob Squarepants
B: The Simpsons
C: Dennis and Gnasher

Question 5

Who did Simon describe as "appalling" and "incredibly annoying"?

A: John and Edward
B: Leon Jackson
C: Cheryl Cole

Question 6

Simon's written a book, but what's it called?

A: I Don't Mean to be Mean, But...
B: I Don't Mean to be Rude, But...
C: I Don't Mean to be Nasty, But...

Question 7

Simon is a judge on America Idol. Who won the first series?

A: Ashlee Simpson
B: Mandy Moore
C: Kelly Clarkson

Question 8

Simon is famous for wearing which item of clothing?

A: High-waisted trousers
B: Incredibly long scarves
C: Brightly coloured shoes

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