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Last Updated: Sunday November 08 2009 21:14 GMT

In pictures: YOUR best fireworks images

Joe's photo

Here's the first of YOUR photos sent in. Joe, 14, from Wolverhampton, has snapped this super sparkle in his back garden. Loving your work Joe!


Dominic, five, from Stockport, Cheshire, enjoyed the fireworks: "We had a very good time at these fireworks and they were very loud."


His brother Luke, eight, added: "Despite very squelchy mud we had a great time at our local firework display on 5 November."

Shobna's fireworks photo from Keighley, West Yorkshire

Shobna in Keighley, West Yorkshire, said: "We had a fantastic bonfire night. Me and my friends had sparklers but they wouldn't light up because of the horrible weather."

Emily's fireworks photo

Emily, 10, sent us this photo of some New Year's fireworks in Norwich from 2007!

Fireworks in London

And we want MORE of YOUR fireworks photos. If you're at a display or are setting some off in your back garden we want to see. Instructions on sending pics are on the right of this page.

How to send us your pictures

Just one thing to remember... we need to check it's OK with your mum and dad so please include a contact telephone number for them.


1 - EMAIL photos to:

2 - Get permission and make sure you send us a phone number so we can speak to your parents. We can't use your image without this.

3 - DON'T put yourself or anyone else in danger.

4 - DON'T break any laws and stay safe.

5 - DO include some background info about the photo - your first name, age and where you live.