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Last Updated: Wednesday November 04 2009 15:06 GMT

Danish kids use internet in exams

Boy on computer

Danish kids allowed online for exams

Children at some schools in Denmark are being allowed to use the internet to help them in their final year exams.

Some 14 colleges are trying out the scheme, and all schools in the country are being invited to join in by 2011.

Pupils will be allowed to use any website they like, but are banned from sending any emails or instant messages to anyone else.

The Danish government say that because the internet is so important in daily life, it should be included in exams.

There is no real way to stop kids from cheating, but the exam questions have been written to make it tough to simply copy answers.

Instead the questions test a pupil's ability to understand and use information.

Minister for education in Denmark, Bertel Haarder, said: "Our exams have to reflect daily life in the classroom and daily life in the classroom has to reflect life in society."

He added that he thought other European countries would soon copy Denmark's example.

However, there are no plans at the moment for kids in the UK to go online to take their exams.