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Last Updated: Saturday November 07 2009 09:38 GMT

Have you got healthier?

Burger and fruit

The amount of kids expected to be obese has dropped for the first time in years. Have you changed your lifestyle to become healthier?

Maybe you're eating better food, or perhaps you've taken up a sport in the past couple of years.

If you have changed how you live, what set it off? Your parents? Your school? Or something else?

Or maybe you reckon there was nothing to worry about in the first place, and you've always been pretty healthy.

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Your comments

"I think I'm am not that healthy because I don't eat a lot of food and I don't like trying new things but I do exercise a lot."

Heidi, 12, Devon, England

"I don't actually know - maybe a little?"

Elspeth, 10, York, England

"Yes I have got healthier. I have changed my burgers to vegetables."

Sophie, 8, Oxford, England

"No because junk food is nice. Although it can make you very unhealthy and you should eat healthy stuff."

Jack, 10, County Durham, England

"I feel like I've put on weight currently. I box a lot so I'm quite toned and muscled. Sometimes weight isn't a fair way of measuring (muscle weighs more than fat) but it still puts me down a bit. Going to an all-girls school puts a lot of pressure on like that. Everyone in my class is really skinny, and I just have to get over that."

Heather, 13, Yorkshire, England

"I have been eating healthy food, I also have veg and fruit days!"

MollieAnne, 11, Liverpool, England

"I only have junk food as a treat but yes, I always eat healthily."

Kelly, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"I do eat healthily but the odd occasion you do like to eat junk food! It is moreish but sometimes you do have to know when to stop!"

Priya, 11, West Midlands, England

"My family now have a fruit and veg box delivered to our house every other week. It contains yummy food. One week we even had purple cauliflower!! I think having our box makes us eat all the contents in it and it is really tasty. The food is local too so we know where it has come from."

Katie, 11, UK

"I love sport but I realised I was getting older and I need to watch my weight so I stopped snacking on rubbish and ate fruit. I also did more to keep fit and now I feel much better."

Ellie, 10, Lancashire, England

"I always eat quite healthily but everyone needs a treat!!"

Catherine, 13, Oxford, England

"I've gained weight, but I've been eating more healthily and exercising more. This is because I have replaced the masses of light fat with some heavy toned muscle! I look loads better now, because I am taller, slimmer and more toned! It's all thanks to the news keeping me aware!"

Ashlay, 14, Southampton, England

"I used to be very overweight but since the years have passed I have become a more healthy and happier person. Although sometimes I do tend to put on some weight that I don't need, I make sure I am the perfect weight for my age."

Saira, 10, Bradford, England

"I eat fruit but I haven't got any healthier. I have been eating a lot of sweets and crisps and fizzy drinks now."

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"Well yes, actually I have as I have been playing with my friends more! (AND NOT VIDEO-GAMING.)"

Naomi, 10, Derbyshire, England

"I have been eating an apple and an orange during school five times a day. I feel more healthy but it's the school dinner that puts me off from eating healthily. They have fish and chips every Friday and sausages on Tuesdays!!!"

Jesteen, 13, London, England

"I am going to try and eat more fruit because I think I need to be more healthy. I'm going to take much more exercise too."

Lydia, 12, UK

"I think I am pretty healthy, I do a lot of exercise such as football, table tennis and hockey and I believe I eat healthily. I try to eat fruit a lot and skip unhealthy stuff. I like fast food but I think I have it about once every two months."

Rozza, 11, West Sussex, England

"I eat my five-a-day and go biking with my dad, I do hockey and tennis after school and I love potatoes and bananas."

Hannah, 9, Northumberland, England

"I've started to eat more healthy food this year and already I've lost weight."

Katie, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I have always been encouraged to be healthy by my mum. I have tried hard to eat even more healthily at the moment, but everyone says I'm skinny anyway!! I also do lots of sports, including dancing and cheerleading."

Eloise, 13, Nottinghamshire, England

"I think you should try to be healthy, but don't let trying to be thin rule your whole life. I hit a point where I was very self-conscious a few years back, but since then I've realised that you can fit eating healthily around your normal life. I just eat more healthily, and indulge in the chocolate sometimes!"

Ben, 12, Essex, England

"When I was younger I was not eating healthily and today I am eating healthily and do exercise every day after school."

William, 11, Surrey, England

"My school stopped selling unhealthy snacks. I used to have a biscuit in school every day but now I like oranges better!!"

Johanna, 12, Switzerland

"Well, over the years I have got even healthier. Me and my mum are the only people who eats lots of veg and meat and fruit out of my sister, dad, and brother."

Lauren, 8, Kent, England

"Two years ago I was very overweight and becoming obese and I needed to act fast. So I started to go to badminton, walking to school and eating healthier. Soon my belly got smaller and my legs stopped rubbing together and I became a normal weight. Now I want to help my overweight friend lose weight."

Leah, 10, Sheffield, England

"I do gym and dance every day plus I'm a vegetarian."

Zoe, 11, London, England

"I've always been healthy because I eat fruit and veg and I exercise regularly. What the experts say is true!"

Hannah, 11, Surrey, England

"I normally eat more healthy food than junk food. Anyway you can have some junk food but not like every day because you will get overweight. Some people eat that much junk food they can't get out of bed or off the settee."

Kaiesha, 10, England

"Well according to my mum and my best friend I've lost weight, I've noticed my trousers keep falling down."

Charlotte, 14, Melton Mowbray, England

"I have become healthier as I have seen the adverts on the TV and I have realised that I need to become healthier. The adverts have really helped."

Saskia, 14, Wales

"I think everyone should be healthy because if everyone is healthy than there won't be any problems about your weight."

Beth, 10, Scotland

"I find getting fit quite hard as I have a lot of homework to do after school so I find doing after school activities quite hard."

Emily, 11, Surrey, England

"I'm skinny anyway but I still eat healthily as we do sports and after school activities."

Naomi, 12, Northern Ireland

"I've been eating more healthy stuff but sometimes just can't help having a little bit of chocolate."

Alice, 8, Derbyshire, England

"I started dance in June to keep fit and now I eat healthier too."

TJ, 11, UK

"I used to eat fast food all the time but one programme showed me about the effects of fast food. Now I get fast food once every two months. I am also very fit now and don't eat sweets very often and a lot more fruit and veg."

Nathaniel, 9, County Durham, England

"I'm not that healthy. I manage to eat two of my five a day."

Jorgyella, 9, Norfolk, England

"I have got healthier by skipping my snacks or eating something healthy instead. I go out with my friends and exercising more often but I think you should be allowed a snack now and again."

Mitchel, 12, Lancashire, England

"I have always been healthy, but I do indulge in chocolate every now and then! But I am not overweight at all."

Jasmine, 13, UK

"I am very healthy."

Amy, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"Well I guess I eat more fruit and veg now."

Lara, 9, London, England

"Well according to my mum and my best friend I've lost weight, I've noticed my trousers keep falling down!"

Charlotte, 14, Melton Mowbray, England

"My class was weighed at school was and a couple of months later I got a letter saying I was two pounds over the average weight for my age. But I haven't done anything since."

Amy, 11, Norwich, England

"We have a healthy eating tuck shop at my school which only sells fruit and veg. It really helps people but no one really buys it anymore since they took the breadsticks and pitta bread away."

Lloyd, 11, Shropshire, England

"I've found that as I've got older I've been far more aware of what I eat and I do try to eat better. I have been a vegetarian for five years now. Not only was that a moral choice for me to make, but also a health choice. However, I've found that even though I eat better, time to exercise has been taken up with GCSE coursework and homework. It can be tricky to find a balance."

Amy, 14, Hertfordshire, England

"I used to think I was overweight, so I stopped eating but I didn't understand how much more ill this would make me. Luckily my friends stopped me when they noticed something was wrong and now I eat healthily and am at a very healthy weight!"

Katie, 13, Bristol, England

"Yes. Now we have vegetables with every meal."

Oscar, 10, Cambridgeshire, England

"I have been eating healthier without even realising. I've started having salads instead of fatty foods and eating fruit more often."

Rebecca, 12, Manchester, England

"I have always been healthy."

William, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"I gave up chocolate for Lent this year and since then I've tried to eat less chocolate and sweets and more fruit."

Alice, 14, Worcester, England

"I do sports and eat healthy food. I am very fit and healthy."

Heather, 9, Milton Keynes, England

"I have been healthy. I used to be a bit overweight but I am now healthy."

Cue, 10, Shropshire, England

"In my school they do a healthy eating club where you try new stuff every week and I am part of it. It helps me a lot because I used to be overweight but now it has worked so well I am fit and healthy. I just wish that they would bring it out in all the schools across Britain to make kids healthy."

Cornilia, 7, Milton Keynes, England

"When I was four I was an overweight child. It took me 10 years to lose that weight and now I am a healthy teenager."

Mariah, 14, Lancashire, England

"I have been healthy for a lot of my life. I have probably a fast food meal every month for a treat. I manage to eat about four of my five-a-day everyday."

Lillia, 9, Washington DC, USA

"No, I'm really skinny so I can eat as many burgers and snacks as I like. I don't put on any weight."

Dave, 12, Kent, England