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Last Updated: Tuesday November 03 2009 10:42 GMT

In pictures: Endangered animals

Kihansi frog

The Red List is a rundown of the planet's endangered plants and animals. This year, the Kihansi Spray Toad is officially extinct in the wild.

Giant Jewel

The Giant Jewel is found in a few areas of south-east Nigeria and south-west Cameroon. It is under threat from people logging and growing farms.

Panay lizard

The Panay Monitor lizard lives on the island of Panay, but its forest home is being cut down.

Queen of the Andes

The spectacular Queen of the Andes plant grows in Peru and Bolivia. It's thought to be threatened by climate change.

Rabb's fringe limbed tree frog

Rabb's fringe limbed tree frogs are in danger because a fungal disease could wipe them out.