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Last Updated: Tuesday November 03 2009 07:58 GMT

More species close to extinction

The Kihansi toad, now extinct in the wild

The number of animals at risk of being wiped out has risen, scientists have warned.

The Red List is a list of the plants and animals under threat. New figures say one in three of the species on the list are at serious risk.

These include 21% of mammals, 30% of amphibians and 70% of plants.

Conservationists warned that not enough was being done to tackle the main threats to rare plants and animals, such as habitat loss.

"It's time for governments to start getting serious about saving species and make sure it's high on their agendas for next year, as we are rapidly running out of time," said conservationist Jane Smart.

Under threat
Rabb's fringe limbed tree frog

The Red List is thought to be the best assessment of the state of the planet's species.

Thousands of scientists around the globe contribute to it.

The latest update says amphibians are the most seriously affected group on the planet, with 1,895 of the 6,285 known species listed as threatened.