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Last Updated: Tuesday November 03 2009 07:25 GMT

Child obesity levels 'falling'

Child obesity levels improving

It looks like all the warnings about kids being overweight might be paying off, as a group of experts reckons the rate of child obesity is slowing.

The National Heart Forum found evidence that far fewer of you will be badly overweight by 2020 than people previously thought.

It was thought that 42% of boys aged two to 11 would be overweight or obese, but that number's dropped to 30%.

And for girls, the figure has fallen from 48% to 27%.

There are currently 1.5 million kids in England who are overweight or obese - meaning they are at risk of things like heart disease and diabetes.

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And numbers of overweight kids had been rising for years.

The Department of Health has set a target of reducing the number of overweight and obese children to 2000 levels by 2020.

It's not clear exactly why obesity figures are dropping, but it might have something to do with all the campaigns to get kids to eat more healthily and do more exercise.

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