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Last Updated: Tuesday November 03 2009 06:46 GMT

Girls feel pressure to look good

Girls shopping for clothes

Girls as young as 10 are worried about the way they look and how much they weigh, according to a survey.

Girlguiding UK asked more than 1,100 girls questions about the way they live and the things that worry them.

And a lot of them said appearance and body shape were things that concerned them a lot.

It found around half of girls aged between 11 and 16 controlled what they ate in order to stay slim, and a quarter of them wanted to be thinner.

The study showed that the age of 10 was the time when most girls started to worry about their appearance and dislike their body image.

Some of the girls questioned even said they would consider plastic surgery or drastic operations to improve how they look and how thin they are.

The survey questioned girls from all around the UK and not just people who were members of the Girl Guides.

The woman in charge of Girlguiding UK, Chief Guide Liz Burnley, reckons it's really important to listen to the worries of the younger generation and find a way to talk to them about their fears.