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Last Updated: Friday November 06 2009 08:14 GMT

I ran a mini marathon!

Press Packer Jessica

Press Packer Jessica has run the junior version of a famous marathon for the third year in a row.

Here's her story.

"The start of my day was a very early one as I was going to run the Beachy Head marathon in Eastbourne for the third time in a row.

It's a 3km run and this year, because of the bad weather, the ground was very wet and slippery.

Starting line

The beginning of my day was very tiring as I had to get to Beachy Head to meet up with my football team.

They were running it for the first time with me.

We met at a local park, took some photos to remember the event and then headed down to the start of the race.

Off we go!

We got to the start, positioned ourselves waiting for the countdown, then set off running up the course.

The course was really tough but really exciting.

Press Packer Jessica
Jessica likes running

I got to the last corner then sprinted off down to the finish line!

I was so happy because I could hear people from my team and the crowd cheering and clapping as I ran past.

Getting my medal

I got past the finish line and received my medal and a drink, I couldn't speak as I was so proud of myself.

I waited at the finish line as I cheered my sister Sophie and my brother Jonathan on.

The event was great."

Jessica, 13, Eastbourne

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