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Last Updated: Monday November 02 2009 13:21 GMT

Scientists bring early snow to Beijing

Snow in Tiananmen Square

Snow has fallen onto Tiananmen Square in China's capital Beijing - the earliest snowfall in 10 years. And it's down to science...

People in the Forbidden City

There has been a drought in the north of the country, so the Weather Modification Office stepped in...

Snow on trees

They sprayed clouds with a special chemical called silver iodide. It's called cloud seeding, and is meant to make rain, but the snow was an unexpected result.


Cold air ran into the sprayed clouds, setting off snow, which blanketed the city.


Lots of people weren't dressed for the wintry weather.


Cloud seeding isn't China's only way of getting water. They're building a massive network of tunnels to funnel water to dry areas - but that won't be ready for another five years.