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Last Updated: Saturday October 31 2009 11:23 GMT

Paperboy, 13, is made redundant

The paperboy who's lost his job

A lot of people have lost jobs because of the global money problems, but now a paperboy has got the sack too.

Kane, 13, from Bedfordshire had started the paper round to earn some extra cash to help him look after a pet hamster.

Then the people who gave Kane the job decided they didn't need him to do it anymore, so sent him an official letter saying he was being made redundant.

Kane said he was "annoyed and upset" when he read the letter and realised it meant he no longer had a job.

Kane earned £6.53 a week, and was given an amount of money to make up for being made redundant - worth £6.93.

Kane and his hamster
Kane and his pet hamster, Splodge

The company that gave him the job, Letterbox Direct, hasn't commented on the story.

Kane said he didn't realise what the letter meant when he got it: "I got this piece of paper and I didn't really understand all the words.

"I asked my mum and she told me I had been made redundant."


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