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Last Updated: Monday November 02 2009 06:05 GMT

I interviewed a film director

Press Packer Ismail
Press Packer Ismail

Press Packer Ismail met School Of Rock film director Richard Linklater at a special Filmclub event, and got to quiz the filmmaker on his new movie starring Zac Efron.

"My school belongs to Filmcub, which is an after-school club where we get to watch different movies every week.

We have it every Thursday and my teacher chooses lots of different and fun movies for us to watch.

In one of our clubs we got to watch a brand new film called Me and Orson Welles, which stars Zac Efron from High School Musical - even though it's not in cinemas until December! It was really cool to watch it before everyone else.

Special event

We were delighted to discover that we had been invited to go to a special event to meet the director of the film and ask him lots of questions about what it was like to make movies.

The director was Richard Linklater and he had directed School Of Rock, which is a really good movie starring Jack Black.

On the day of the event I went with my teacher and the other members of our club, to an old music hall in London.

There were lots of other film clubbers from some other schools there, and it was really fun to meet new people who love film just as much as I do!

Really cool

The talk took place in the main hall, and everyone asked Richard lots of questions. He was really cool and it was fun listening to all his stories about making movies.

Film director Richard Linklater
Film director Richard Linklater

He told us lots of fun things about the magic of movie making - I was surprised to hear that Me and Orson Welles was filmed in England even though it was set in New York!

When we asked him if there was going to be a School Of Rock 2, he told us that unfortunately it was probably not going to happen.

He said he really liked making the first movie with Jack Black, but would only do a sequel if he could make sure it was even better than the first one.

He also revealed to us that he doesn't have one favourite movie - he has lots, and even watches up to 600 films every year. Wow, that's a lot of films.

Meeting the director

Afterwards, I was one of five lucky enough to meet Richard and ask him some more questions.

He told me: "I wish I had started looking at movies critically a little earlier in my life or just thinking of it as a means to express myself. I think it's great if you can have that focus at such a young age. I see the world through cinema but I'm interested in everything."

It was a really exciting day and very inspiring hearing about what Richard does and how passionate he is about film.

It has inspired me to watch some really different films now, especially as he told us one of the most memorable films he watched when he was 12 - a sci-fi film called 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I'll have to ask my teacher if we can watch that one in our film club soon."

Ismail, 12, London

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