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Last Updated: Thursday October 29 2009 19:26 GMT

Scouts help to beat postal strike

Scouts help out with postal strike

Thousands of postmen and women have stopped working because they're unhappy about the way the Royal Mail is run.

The strike means letters and parcels you may be waiting for could take much longer to get you.

The strike is also delaying some important medical letters, which has led to Scouts delivering them instead.

Scouts from a group in Bristol have offered to spend two weekends helping a medical centre deliver letters about swine flu vaccinations.

A manager from the medical centre said that without the Scouts it would have been very difficult to contact their most important patients.

Scout leader Cyril Mullen said: "I think the practice is quite happy as the letters only started going out on Sunday and they've already had phone calls back from patients."

Postman delivering mail

On Thursday a second big postal strike began. The postmen and women are refusing to go to work for three days in a big argument over how the company is run.

No deal agreed

They are worried that new technology being brought in might mean that lots of them will lose their jobs.

It's bad news if you're expecting any letters or parcels, as it could take a lot longer than usual for them to be delivered to you.

There have been a number of meetings to try to avoid a strike, but no deal could be agreed on.