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Last Updated: Wednesday October 28 2009 18:59 GMT

Boy's TV affects plane safety

Boy told to turn off bedroom TV

Children are often told to switch off the television, but very few of them get told to do so by the government.

That's what happened to 12-year-old Nicky, when officials knocked on his door and told him he had to remove the aerial he was using in his room.

They explained that his booster aerial was interfering with planes landing at nearby Luton Airport.

The officials admitted no-one was in any real danger, but added that they had to put safety first.

Nicky told Newsround: "I was quite frustrated because this man that I'd never met before could tell me whether I could or couldn't watch TV in my room. I was quite annoyed when I found out.

"It was quite shocking really because we've had that aerial for ages and it was causing problems for such giant things," he added.

Not a common problem

Paul Mercer, an expert from Ofcom, said: "This isn't a common problem, but it does happen occasionally. The aerials are sometimes quite cheap or badly constructed and sometimes go wrong."

All of which leaves Nicky without a working TV in his bedroom anymore. Better start fighting for that remote downstairs from now on Nicky!