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Last Updated: Wednesday October 28 2009 14:16 GMT

Lizard found in a bag of salad

Rocky the lizard was found in a bag of salad.

People working at a cafe at Scotland's National Trust got a shock when a live lizard climbed out of a bag of salad!

Restaurant manager David Neil found the lizard, who's being called Rocky, when he opened a packet of rocket imported from Israel.

Experts have since identified Rocky as an eight-inch-long Lebanon lizard.

For the moment, he's living in a CD holder on top of a computer screen to keep him warm while the search is on to find a proper home.

The National Trust for Scotland's nature expert, Lindsay Mackinlay, said it was "absolutely fantastic" that Rocky had survived his long journey.

"He has obviously been travelling for a number of days and would probably have been refrigerated throughout much of the journey," he said.

"Thankfully he's doing well and is very alert now that he has warmed up a bit."