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Last Updated: Wednesday January 27 2010 13:49 GMT

Album Review: Cheryl Cole - 3 Words

Cheryl Cole

The style

Cheryl Cole is more famous as an X Factor judge or member of Girls Aloud than she is as a solo artist, but that's something she's hoping to change with this album.

Girls Aloud fans needn't worry, 3 Words isn't a huge departure from the sort of pop tracks you'd expect from the girls, although there's definitely more of a dance influence.

That's not surprising when you find out some of the producers Cheryl's been working with, including Black Eyed Pea who she co-wrote four of the album tracks with.

Some people have questioned whether Cheryl's voice is strong enough to carry an album without her band-mates, but she seems to cope pretty well.

The hits

Fight For This Love was the record-breaking first single, but it's got some stiff competition for best track status.

Rain On Me is a real pop treat and Stand Up is almost guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance.

And don't miss Heartbreaker - the track featuring Cheryl that was a big hit in 2008.

The misses

Heaven is dreadful. It sounds like a Girls Aloud reject and the voice-changer doesn't do Cheryl any favours.

Likewise, Boy Like You is probably her weakest vocals on the album while her single random use of bad language in Make Me Cry just makes her sound silly.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Definitely. Some of the more upbeat tracks are really really catchy.

Will it make the charts?

Without a doubt. Cheryl's VERY high-profile and her first solo single become the biggest-selling of the year at the time of its release, so it'll be more of a surprise if 3 Words doesn't make it to the top spot.

NR rating:
Three out of five

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Your Comments

"The more I listen to it the more it gets on my nerves!! I love Cheryl, just not her song 3 Words! It is awful."

Lucy, 9, London, England

"I have the CD and I think it is BRILLIANT!! My three favourite songs are Fight For This Love, Parachute and Rain On Me."

Ewan, 11, Northamptonshire, England

"Cheryl Cole's new album 3 Words is a brill album!!!"

Leanne, 11, Dumfries, Scotland

"I love Cheryl Cole and I think she's better on her own and she has made a great success. She is also my idol. Go Cheryl Cole!!"

Zoe, 12, Berkshire, England

"I don't think the album is that good, but the song Fight For This Love is great. After a while it gets on your nerves, especially when it is on the radio ALL the time."

Molly, 11, Northampton, England

"I thought Cheryl Cole's album was amazing and I really liked 3 Words."

Eve, 9, Angus, Scotland

"I think Cheryl Cole is awesome. I love the song Fight For This Love, it really got me going."

Maryam, 11, Bristol, England

"I don't like it! 3 Words has no tune and is boring."

Hannah, 11, Worcestershire, England

"The album is good, it has got a catchy R&B sound, but I don't think it's very original."

Mithiran, 12, London, England

"I think Cheryl is better with Girls Aloud. Her song 3 Words is quite bland."

Olivia, 11, London, England

"I love the album. She's awesome!!!"

Gwen, 10, Derby, England

"This album is fantastic. I love the song Parachute, it is the best song ever!!"

Jessica, 10, Kent, England

"It's OK. 3 Words is a huge disappointment of a song, but I like Fight For This Love. She had me going, then let me down."

Eleanor, 12, Wiltshire, England

"I think Cheryl's new song 3 Words is amazing. I love her on X Factor too! Cheryl Cole ROCKS!"

Emma, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"3 Words is just amazing, I hear it on the radio all the time. Cheryl Cole is more famous as an X Factor judge or member of Girls Aloud than she is as a solo artist, but that's something she's hoping to change with this album."

Simi, 8, Essex, England

"I think Cheryl Cole isn't a very strong singer. I think she should have stayed in the band. The only song that I think is OK on her album is Fight for this Love."

Emma, 8, Liverpool, England

"Cheryl Cole is a great singer and better at singing on her own. I think she should continue as a solo artist. My favourite song is definitely Fight For This Love."

Devin, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Cheryl's album is great but I don't like it when she is singing with Will.I.Am. My two favourite songs are Fight For This Love and Parachute."

Camille, 10, London, England

"I love her new album. I don't normally like her when she is with Girls Aloud, so she should carry on making albums by herself."

Gem, 12, Staffs, England

"I think the album is great. Cheryl Cole is the best singer ever!"

Abbey, 10, Ashton, England

"I got the CD for Christmas but I don't like it. Her voice isn't anything special and her songs aren't that great."

Madi, 12, Sussex, England

"I think she's good but she shouldn't have gone solo. My sister and I love her though!"

Lauren, 12, Kent, England

"I think Cheryl Cole is a really good singer and I really like her album."

Eliza, 9, Basingstoke, England

"WOW! It's amazing! I loved every minute of it and I can't wait until she does another! Go Cheryl!"

Rio, 10, Bristol, England

"I thought it was really good! I love her songs with in them."

Flossy, 12, Suffolk, England

"It's awful! I think her voice is terrible. Why did she take up singing songs? It's embarrassing that she even came from the UK."

Katherine, 12, Kent, England

"Cheryl Cole is an amazing singer and my favourite song is Fight For This Love."

Robyn, 10, Wrexham, Wales

"I've got her album and I listen to it anywhere and everywhere on my MP3 player. GO CHERYL GO!!"

Molly, 10, Cheltenham, England

"I don't think she can sing. She's awful!! None of her songs are very good either."

Hanife, 9, Essex, England

"I think this album is great but some tracks are a bit boring! My fave is Fight For This Love."

Charlotte, 7, Bournemouth, England

"Most of the songs are great, but I found a few really boring. I only have three from the whole album on my iPod. I'd give it 6/10."

Bryony, 12, Bournemouth, England

"I do like Cheryl Cole but I think her singing in the band is better, much better. I like Fight For This Love, but not 3 Words."

Mia, 8, Swansea, Wales

"I love Cheryl Cole's 3 Words. I have not got the album yet but I want to get it!!"

Lola, 9, London, England

"Cheryl Cole is an amazing girl with a wonderful voice and dance moves. Her new album is awesome!"

Megan, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"I think Cheryl Cole is rubbish. None of her songs are actually her songs, they're all's, which is really cheating in a way. I wouldn't call 3 Words an album, it's more of a collection of songs which she's featured in."

Alexandra, 11, West Sussex, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's album 3 Words is the best CD I have ever listened to. She rocks!"

Holly, 9, Staffordshire, England

"I think that Fight For This Love is the best! I love it. I think that too many people are giving her a hard time."

Ella, 9, Oxford, England

"I hate the song 3 Words! It's too slow, but I love Fight For This Love!"

Anna, 10, London, England

"I think she is the best singer on earth."

Jaimie, 9, Hull, England

"I think Cheryl Cole rocks, but sometimes she can't sing. Her performance on the X Factor was a bit pitchy, but I love the song Fight For This Love."

Hannah, 11, London, England

"I love it, my fave's are Fight For This Love, Heartbreaker, 3 Words and Parachute!! Love them!"

Holly, 10, London, England

"I think her new album is amazing, my Mum's boyfriend even loves it! It's great and I think she should do another album again."

Charlotte, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"3 Words is really good! I like Happy Hour, Fight For This Love, Heaven, Rain on Me, Stand Up, Parachute, Don't Talk About This Love and Heartbreaker best! Boy Like You is a bit weak, but it is better then people are saying! Cheryl Cole rocks!! She is my idol!"

Rosie, 11, Hampshire, England

"Cheryl makes some very cheesy songs and she can't even sing."

Conor, 12, London, England

"Cheryl is the best, love the album and I can't stop listening to it! CHERYL ROCKS!"

Aoife, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"I only like one song out of her album and that is Fight For This Love, it is brilliant."

Megan, 12, Southampton, England

"I think Cheryl Cole is wicked! My fave songs are Parachute and Fight For This Love."

Cheyelle, 11, Lyon, France

"Cheryl is great! I have her album and it is great! My favourite songs are 3 Words and Fight For This Love."

Lisa, 13, Warwickshire, England

"It is a very solid album and I think it is great because Cheryl's passion is to sing. I love her album, go Cheryl!"

Emma, 9, Warwickshire, England

"My brother and I love Cheryl Cole. We think she is wicked!!"

Lucy, 11, Lancashire, England

"I love it! It is great and I bought it on the day it came out!"

Hannah, 10, Nottingham, England

"Cheryl Cole is the best singer in the World. My best song of hers is Fight For This Love. YOU ROCK!"

Gemma, 10, Berks, England

"This is really good and I got it for my birthday! I enjoy listening to Cheryl and I think she is a good singer!"

Tiarnach, 12, Londonderry, N. Ireland

"Overall it is a good album with good songs and I played it to my friends. Their least favourite song was 3 words, but their favourite was Fight For This Love."

Jessica, 10, London, England

"I love this album so much. It is on in my room non-stop on my MP3 player, that is how good it is! All the songs are top quality!"

Alex, 13, Chester, England

"I love this album and I think the song is fab!"

Julie, 10, Manchester, England

"To be honest, the only good song on this album is Fight For This Love!"

Thomas, 11, London, England

"I absolutely love Cheryl Cole. 3 Words and Fight For This Love are brilliant. I have her album on my phone and was watching Cheryl Cole's Night In, where she performed 3 Words. IT WAS BRILLIANT!"

Emma, 10, Swansea, Wales

"Some people may hate her songs, some people may love it, but at the end of the day it is your own opinion. I like her and I think she is AMAZING! She is a great role model to kids."

Rebecca, 11, Ayrshire, Scotland

"I love this album and I think Cheryl deserves more credit, it's an amazing album and my favourite album in the world."

Christie, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I love Cheryl Cole and I think her album and the songs on it are amazing! I listen to them every single day!"

Samantha, 11, Kent, England

"Cheryl Cole is so cool I love her album, her best song is fight for this love."

Chloe, 10, Wigan, England

"I don't like it that much I don't think it lives up to her other songs such as fight for this love and parachute!"

Gracie, 11, Cambridge, England

"I think it's good but some of the songs are boring to listen to."

Mia, 8, Swansea, Wales

"I think that this CD is quite unique, although I preferred her in Girls Aloud. I thought she sounded better in a group."

Connie, 11, Maidstone, England

"I think her album is amazing, she's my favourite X Factor judge."

Megan, 11, County Antrim, N. Ireland

"I love Cheryl Cole. I have her album and have been listening to it non-stop, it is that good."

Freya, 14, Bristol, England

"I love Fight For This Love, Rain on Me, Parachute and Stand Up but all the others aren't good. 3 Words is the most awful and annoying track I have ever heard!"

Max, 12, London, England

"Seriously, Cheryl should just stick to Girls Aloud! She is not an amazing singer, and Fight For This Love wasn't bad, but songs like 3 Words are awful!"

Zara, 12, London, England

"OK, but not as great as when she was in Girls Aloud. I liked that better, I have lots of Girls Aloud posters in my bedroom and I was sad when Cheryl decided she wanted to go solo, but she's still OK."

Katy, 9, Luton, England

"I think that the album is really good and I think the best song is Fight For This Love. I really look up to Cheryl."

Kloe, 10, Swindon, England

"I think she is a great singer and she deserves everything she gets for her singing."

Abigail, 13, Nottingham, London

"It rocks and my favourite song is Fight For This Love."

Sophie, 10, London

"I think Cheryl Cole is a good solo singer and she should start singing some more songs like Fight For This Love."

Leoni, 14, Nottingham

"I really like Cheryl because of her album and I think she is doing better without Girl's Aloud and WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH CHERYL!."

Alen, 10, Lancashire, England

"I love Cheryl Cole so much, I love her song and I dance to it every day."

Chloe, 9, London, England

"I love Fight For This Love and I listen to it all the time on my music player!"

Lauren, 8, Yorkshire, England

"I love Fight For This Love, Rain On Me and Stand Up. Cheryl has done really good! Plus, I love Heartbreaker!"

Zara, 10, London, England

"I love Cheryl Cole, she is the best. All of her songs are great! Especially the one on Children In Need when she was singing with Snow Patrol! Go Cheryl!"

Tariq, 12, Birmingham, England

"I love Fight For This Love but after hearing 3 words I will not be buying her new album. I really hate that song and to be honest, expected something a little better. I am a big fan of Cheryl Cole but when I heard that song I was surprised she was singing it. That's my only fault with her album."

Zoie, 14, Birmingham, England

"I am a big fan of Cheryl and I love her song, Parachute!"

Eboney, 9, Bristol, England

"I love Fight For This Love and Parachute. I think 3 Words and Heaven are awful - they are both slow, dull and not at all catchy. I don't think her voice is strong enough without Girls Aloud."

Tom, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I adore this CD. I fell in love with Fight For This Love when she sung it on the X Factor, but her trousers where horrific. The only reason everyone's buying her album is because she performed on the X Factor. I think she should split up with Girls Aloud because then she would have more time to focus on he solo career. But anyway, she's signed a record deal for five more albums with Girls Aloud."

Megan, 11, Surrey, England

"I think Cheryl is an awesome singer, all tracks are awesome in it too and I rate it five stars!"

Emily, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Her song is so amazing and I like it so much. Cheryl is one of my favourite people."

Aine, 12, Newry, N. Ireland

"I love Cheryl Cole's new album, it's the best. I listen to it nearly every day and I am a big fan of hers."

Bhavu, 13, Leicester, England

"It's not so bad for an album from Cheryl Cole - but she could do better!"

Sreeja, 11, Berkshire, England

"To be honest, I think this is one of the worst albums I've ever heard."

Allanah, 11, Dublin, Ireland

"The popular songs are brilliant but personally I think the other songs let the album down. I would give it five out of ten, but this is the perfect gift for lovers of Cheryl Cole!"

Grace, 11, Colchester, England

"I love Cheryl's new song "Fight For This Love', I can't stop singing it. I sing it in school but no one catches me doing it. Her songs are interesting but I like her first song better then the rest."

Aimee, 10, Portsmouth, England

"I love Cheryl Cole, I am her biggest fan. She is the best singer ever and I love her album, I just bought it and it is BRILLIANT, I love it and she is going to go all the way!"

Leigh, 10, Scottish Borders, UK

"I think her album is brill, but in 'Fight For This Love' she speaks for most of it and it's also quite repetitive. Still, I really like her."

Lizzie, 11, Colchester, England

"Cheryl Cole is rubbish at singing!!"

Archie, 11, Nottingham, England

"Cheryl Cole is a great singer and I think she should spilt from Girls Aloud because they haven't produced any songs recently."

Phoebe, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"This is the best album I have ever heard. Go Cheryl Cole, you are my number one celeb."

Allie, 11, Bristol, England

"I thought this album was brill. I loved her in Girls Aloud and I like her on X Factor, so I think it's brill. I have most of her songs on my iPod and I just love it, I hope I meet her one day."

Carter, 11, Belfast, N. Ireland

"My mum has got it and we listen to it every single morning on the way to school. It's awful."

Joshua, 11, Monmouthshire, Wales

"I think that Cheryl is fab. I think she should be the top of the charts. I love 'Fight For This Love - but I do not like her trousers!"

John, 9, Woking, England

"I think that this is amazing, good work Cheryl. Keep on going it alone, you're doing well."

Liz, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"I think Cheryl Cole is very good, I love her songs and will buy her CD."

Jodie, 12, Staffordshire, England

"This CD is so cool, girls you have to get it - it's wicked!"

Holly, 10, Nottingham, England

"I really love this album and I'd vote this 10/10 - can't stop listening to it. Go Cheryl!

Emily, 13, Walsall, England

"I think this album is very entertaining and so funny. Cheryl has a wonderful voice and she will keep it up."

Jaslyne, 10, Middlesex, England

"This was the best CD I ever bought!"

Enya, 10, County Tyrone, N. Ireland

"I think the album is AWESOME! Especially the track 'Fight For This Love'. I'm so glad that Cheryl is also a solo artist as well as in a group and an X Factor judge. Another great song in the album is 'Make Me Cry'. To be honest, I can barely even decide which one's the best!"

Sara, 12, London, England

"I love Cheryl Cole!! She is so awesome and I love her number one single! She rocks!"

Eleni, 11, Valbonne, France

"I think Cheryl is an awesome singer, all the tracks are awesome in it too. I rate five stars!"

Emily, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's album is good but I don't like the name of it."

Bethan, 11, Wakefield, England

"I think it is great, it is really cool and I think she should carry on doing her solo career."

Ella, 12, London, England

"I think she is really good and will make a good album, but she should practice more to make it even better then she already is."

Ridaxx, 12, London, England

"I have not heard the album but I have heard the song from it called Fight for this Love and I liked it!"

Molly, 9, Middlesex, England

"I think Cheryl Cole rocks and I think her album is great to!!!!"

Jaya, 11, Oxford, England

"I love every single song on this album! I think Cheryl did a great job!"

Charlotte, 14, Peterborough, England

"I like the album a lot. I've listened to it like a hundred times."

Sammy, 11, London, England

"It is brilliant I love it!!!"

Ellie, 10, England

"Not bad but the songs are a bit boring."

Hermione, 11, London, England

"Cheryl Cole's new album is very good seen as it's her first album alone without the full team Girls Aloud."

Kate, 12, Liverpool, England

"I bought the album yesterday brilliant! I love Fight for this Love!"

Laura, 11, Worcestershire, England

"In my opinion, Cheryl Cole's career is built on talent shows. I mean, that's how she joined Girls Aloud, through a talent show. And now she's hoping that thanks to her popularity as a judge on the X factor, she'll just get more album sales."

George, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"I think this album is great and I also think she's a great mentor for Lloyd."

Joshua, 10, Cardiff, Wales

"I think it is a good album because I like the song Fight For This Love, but also it has got other songs that I like. Also it has Will I Am in it."

Thomas, 12, Hull, England

"I think she's made a really good choice to do a bit of solo singing, because she's really good."

Maisie, 11, Northampton, England

"This album is brilliant. Cheryl Cole is a brilliant singer and she has really shone whilst being out of Girls Aloud! Go Cheryl!"

Saskia, 12, London, England

"My favourite song on her album is definitely Fight For This Love. I also love Rain On Me. Go Cheryl!"

Ruby, 12, France

"It's quite a good song, her voice comes across quite weak and she didn't do too well on X Factor apart from the dancing. It is good, but doesn't deserve number one, unlike Michael Buble!!"

Joe, 14, London, England

"This is a amazing album. Cheryl is amazing in a band and even better on her own! Well done Cheryl!"

Allie, 11, Bristol, England

"I love Cheryl Cole new song Fight For This Love. I think it's great."

Ida, 9, Nottingham, England

"I think she's a great singer but should stick with Girls Aloud. She's good but is better with her girls. Go back to Nadine, Kimberly, Sarah and Nicola!"

Melissa, 13, London, England

"I think that 3 words is the best album ever to be released. I love Cheryl Cole and I think she has done well for herself without Girls Aloud! I think that she should carry on going solo because she can pull ANYTHING off! I love Cheryl Cole ad think that the media should give her a break!"

Maii, 11, London, England

"I love it all because I just love Cheryl herself! My favourite songs are Rain on Me, Parachute and 3 Words they are the best!! I got the album on the day it came out!"

Bronwyn, 11, Hampshire, England

"I'm not usually into music like this, but it is the first album I've bought recently that I enjoy every song. I think she isn't getting enough credit for what she has achieved and it is overall a very good debut album! Well done Cheryl."

Ashlee, 13, Swindon, England