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Last Updated: Wednesday October 28 2009 07:20 GMT

Jackson film shown worldwide

Newsround's Ore and Sonali

Ore and Sonali at Jackson premiere

Michael Jackson's family and fans have been watching the singer's film This Is It at premieres that took place all around the world.

18 different countries showed the film at the same time.

Jackson's brothers Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Randy all attended the premiere in the American city of Los Angeles.

British fans queued into the night to get a chance to watch it at a big screening in London.

Lemar talks to Newsround

Celebs at Jackson film premiere

The film shows Jackson rehearsing for a series of big concerts in the last few weeks he was alive.

But some fans protested outside the screenings, saying the film doesn't show that the pop star was getting really ill.

By the weekend, the film will be shown in 110 countries. But good luck getting a ticket. It's only in cinemas for two weeks!