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Last Updated: Tuesday October 27 2009 19:47 GMT

Fans get ready for Jackson movie

Michael Jackson fans in China

Fans of Michael Jackson all over the world are getting ready to watch the singer's film This Is It.

The film shows Jackson rehearsing for a series of concerts that would have taken place in London had he not died in June 2009.

The premieres of the film are taking place at the same time all over the world, so fans will experience the film for the first time together.

The first showing in the UK is in London at 1am.

But that screening is for important people and journalists - everyone else will have to wait until 4am for their chance to watch the film.

Premieres are taking place in 18 different countries, and fans will only be able to see it in cinemas for two weeks. Despite the limited run, showings of the film aren't all sold out.

Not all fans happy

Michael Jackson fans in China
Fans are getting ready for the premiere all over the world

Some of Michael Jackson's biggest fans won't be watching the film, because they think rehearsing so hard for the shows made the singer ill.

They've set up a website to protest about the film but say they aren't trying to convince other fans not to watch This Is It - they just want them to be aware of their concerns.

They think the people behind the film - who were also organising the 50 concerts in London - should have done more to help the singer when he was rehearsing.