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Last Updated: Monday October 26 2009 15:49 GMT

Kids learn with pop stars' gadget

Leah goes hi-tech to be heard

When you think of a headset, you're more likely to imagine one of your favourite pop stars wearing one on stage - not your teacher at the front of the class!

But some schools have found other uses for the gadgets than singing while dancing. We sent Leah to check it out...

"It's not often I feel like an international pop star but when I was handed a headset by one of the teachers at Broadfield Primary school, I felt like unleashing my inner Britney.

Thankfully I spared all the kids and teachers the delight of my rather terrible singing voice - but all of the teachers have been using these pop star headsets in their lessons!

At first, the gadget was introduced in class to help children with hearing problems, but when schools realised it was a big help for everyone, they all started kitting out their classrooms.

Taking the strain

Teachers reckon it helps everyone feel included and even helps with spelling.

A teacher using a headset in a classroom
A teacher using a headset in a classroom

When you are getting to grips with a new word it helps to hear a word properly before you can spell it, and in a noisy classroom that makes learning to spell hard.

Teachers were also finding it a strain on their voices shouting over everybody.

Everyone I spoke to in Year five said they felt the speakers and headsets had made learning easier.

Break time boogie

And it doesn't stop there - the kids have also come up with a way to make use of the system to have some fun.

They asked teachers to get some of the speakers in the playground so everyone can have a boogie during break time.

I tried out some dance moves with the kids, but like my singing its really bad!

So not only are kids across the country getting lessons from hi-tech teachers, they're also keeping fit dancing about in the playground."