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Last Updated: Monday October 26 2009 14:03 GMT

UK plans for American Football

Ore catches up with NFL action

A different kind of football took to the field at Wembley on Sunday, but is American Football now here to stay?

For the past three years some of the biggest names in the NFL have taken a trip to play in the UK, and now some are talking about a British-based team.

NFL bosses are excited about the idea as so many UK fans snap up tickets, but the players involved aren't so sure.

Adalius Thomas, who played on Sunday, said: "It was fun and had the feel of a Super Bowl, but it's a long way."

And the coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, said: "I think it would be hard to commute back and forth to London."

American Football fans at Wembley
Fans snapped up more than 80,000 tickets for the match

The Patriots won the match against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, by a thumping score of 35-7, and both teams now have a week off to get over the travelling.

The idea of a full-time American Football team - called a franchise - in the UK would be difficult to organise as teams would have to jet back and forth to America a lot to play.

More foreign matches

It's more likely that the UK will host a second game in 2010, and maybe even four matches by 2012.

Chad meets the Tampa Bay Cheerleaders

It's also possible that matches could be played in other countries around the world, like China, as the sport bids to find more fans.

The owners of all 32 NFL teams are to meet in February 2010 to talk about the ideas, and may add an extra match to the season to fit in some more foreign games.

And there is still a chance that a British-based NFL team may take part in the future, with Patriots owner Robert Craft saying a team in the UK "would be the right thing to do some time in the next decade".