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Last Updated: Monday October 26 2009 06:23 GMT

I won a dog grooming award

Press Packer Imogen and Worster with one of the judges

Press Packer Imogen entered the Dog Grooming Championships with Worster the Pomeranian dog.

Here Imogen describes how she and Worster did on the day.

"I went the British Dog Grooming Championships. It was the first dog grooming competition that I have taken part in. I was entered in 6-11 year olds category.

I chose to take a Pomeranian called Worster.

Getting into grooming

He doesn't belong to me, he belongs to my mum's friend Edwina who shows, trains and breeds dogs.

She helped teach me, along with my mum who is a dog groomer.

Worster the Pomeranian
Worster the Pomeranian

It was my mum who got me in to grooming dogs - I love helping her in the grooming room!

Second place

I come from Cheshire and we had to travel all the way to south Birmingham, so we had to get up very early to be there at 7.30am.

I came second in my category.

When I got my award I felt nervous but excited.


Later on that day I found out I was entered for a congeniality award for being nice and caring to my dog.

I came second out of all the groomers (including the adults).

I felt really proud and really enjoyed the experience.

I can't wait for the next competition now!"

Imogen, 10, Cheshire

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