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Last Updated: Monday October 26 2009 11:45 GMT

In pics: YOUR best animal pictures

Mona's cat

We've been asking to see your best animals photos and you've sent us some great shots, like this one of Mona's cat, who is playing hide and seek in the tree!

Okapi at London Zoo

Elisa, 12, snapped this Okapi at London Zoo!

Emma's cat

This is Emma's cat - caught in action on the stairs.

Charlie the rabbit

Erin's rabbit Charlie was captured hanging out in his cage. He's three months old, and lives with Emma in Anglesey, North Wales.


Check out Ozzie! It was snapped by six-year-old Melisse using her grandma's phone!


Snowball the rabbit is captured by owner Georgia, 9, having a cuddle!


Amy, 12, sent in this snap of her dog Jem. It was taken in her playroom. Jem is nearly three-years-old!


Here's Harry the cat. He looks like he's pointing his toes - maybe he's dreaming he's dancing? This photo was taken by 10-year-old Florence at her house in Somerset.

Yasas' photo of a bird

And this blackbird was caught scouting for a worm by 11-year-old Yasas.

Ellen's cat Mingus in york

This is 10-year-old Ellen's cat, Mingus, in York. Ellen explained his headgear, saying: "He has the lampshade-shaped collar on because he cut his chest and had to get it stitched up."

Antonia's photo of camels in Tunisia

Antonia was in Tunisia when she saw these camels. "My sister and I tried very hard to get close to the camels to take a picture. This is one of the best I got," she said.

Bluebell the rabbbit, by Alice, 12

When Alice, 12, took this photo of her rabbit, Bluebell, her other rabbit, Lily, was ill and she was worried Bluebell would get sick too. But Bluebell's one year old now and doing well.

Daniel's photo of a dee in Otter Park in Hillingdon

This deer was snapped by Daniel, 12, in a park in Middlesex. "I took it right up close because they were allowed to roam around everywhere," he said.

Alice's photo of her guinea pig, Bannofie

Twelve-year-old Alice in Essex says she loves taking photos of her pets and when they're as cute as her guinea pig Bannofie, we're not surprised!

Alice's pets

Here's some of Alice's other pets. Sox is the cat in the picnic basket - his favourite bed! And Alice said she thought her other cat, Rosie, looked like a Christmas wreath on the sofa.

Natalie's photo of a pigeon

Natalie spotted this pigeon in a tree in her garden and said: "I was lucky because he didn't fly off. He seemed interested in what I was doing and I think I caught that in my photo."

Emily's photo of her dog Newbie and cat Billy

Meet Newbie the dog and Billy the cat. Emily, 14, says the pair were play fighting when she took this photo during the summer holidays, but Newbie looks pretty hungry to us!

Fern's photo of her dog, Brum

Fern, 12, sent us two pictures - this is her three-year-old pet dog Brum in the kitchen of their home in Fife, Scotland.

Fern's photo of a puffin

And here's Fern's photo of a puffin standing on the edge of a cliff chomping on some sand eels! It's a great shot and was taken on May Island, near Fife.

One of Chloe's photos

Chloe, 14, went to a zoo in the Lake District during half term last October and sent us two of her best photos from the trip.

Chloe's photo of a giraffe

This is a great shot of a giraffe, so it's no surprise that Chloe says she'd love a career in photography.

Julia's guinea pigs picture

Julia, 12, took this cool shot of guinea pigs while snapping animals at Bocketts Farm in Surrey.

Molly's pet rabbit Milkshake

Molly, 13, took this photo of her pet rabbit Milkshake in her garden. He's a very fluffy Dutch rabbit who belongs to Molly's sister, and has a brother called Bubbles.

A ladybird caught on film by Phoebe, 12, from Surrey

This shot of a ladybird was taken by Phoebe, 12, in Surrey. She saw it while waiting for a bus and said: "I thought it was odd because of its wing, so I decided to take a picture of it."

Alice's photo of a butterfly in her garden

Alice said she took this photo in her garden. "The bushes attract a lot of bees and butterflies and I was lucky enough to catch a picture of one," she said.

Kim's pet cat Freddie

Kim, 9, took this action shot of her cat, Freddie, using a new phone she got for her birthday. "Just as I took the photo, he opened his mouth," she said.

Maisie's kittens, Mildred and Monty

Maisie, 12, sent us this cute picture of her kittens Mildred and Monty.

A bird in Barcelona, taken by

And this bird was caught on film by Billie in Barcelona, Spain.

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