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Last Updated: Thursday October 22 2009 15:36 GMT

UK's last polar bear is moved

Mercedes in her new home

UK polar bear on the move

The only polar bear in the UK has moved house, swapping her pad in Edinburgh for life in the Scottish countryside.

Mercedes has been a star attraction at Edinburgh Zoo for 25 years, but now she's moved to an enclosure more like the habitat in her native home, Canada.

She was first brought to Scotland to save her from being put down after she scared people in Canada by wandering into a nearby town in search of food.

Her new home at Highland Wildlife Park is the size of four football pitches!

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It's also in an area where the weather's drier and snowier, which is much better for polar bears, and even has a big pool for her to swim in.

Mercedes stepping out into her new enclosure
Mercedes was pretty careful stepping out into her new enclosure

Moving Mercedes was a big operation to make sure she didn't get scared.

It started six months ago, when keepers started using her favourite snacks to tempt her in and out of the crate she'd be moved in.

When they were sure she was comfortable with it they locked her in for her big journey north.

As soon as she arrived, Mercedes started investigating her new home, rolling down the hills and going for a dip in her new pool, and experts reckon she'll be settled in in no time.