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Last Updated: Thursday November 05 2009 12:49 GMT

Album review: Alexandra Burke - Overcome

Alexandra Burke and Ricky

Alexandra Burke has been everywhere recently, popping up on TV shows and doing loads of radio interviews in the run up to the release of her debut album, Overcome.

Earlier this year, Ricky caught up with Alexandra at The Brits and has been eager to listen to her first album ever since. Here's what he thought of it.

The style

Overcome features 13 tracks, including Alexandra's first single Hallelujah, which broke download sales when it was released in 2008.

I expected this album to sound like Leona's debut offering, with lots of ballads. Instead, it sounds more like a mix of songs from Jordin Sparks and Beyonce.

Bad Boys featuring Flo Rida kicks off the album with a bucket full of energy and attitude. The rest of the album maintains a similar sounds full of upbeat R n B and pop.

There's no denying that Alexandra Burke has a killer voice, and it works well on both the slow and fast songs.

The hits

The album already features her first two number ones, but will it give Alexandra anymore?

The X Factor winner spent almost eight months making Overcome and recorded a lot more songs that never made the final cut. It's just a shame there aren't a few more stand-out future hits.

Broken Heels is a sassy floor-filler that makes you want to get up and dance. And the epic ballad Silence could easily be another chart-topper and is my favourite track.

The misses

Alexandra's the first X Factor winner to duet with a major American superstar.

Apart from her amazing performance with Beyonce on the night she won the competition, she's collaborated with Ne-Yo for her debut album.

The track is called Goodnight Good Morning, but it's a bit of a letdown and put me to sleep.

And Nothing But The Girl sounds like a song that was added to the album to fill a bit of time.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Definitely. There are some good tunes on this album and it's nice to hear more dance tracks than just boring ballads.

Bad Boys has been ringing in my head all day!

Will it make the charts?

Alexandra's first album is a solid pop CD. It's upbeat and bubbly, a lot like Alexandra's infectious personality.

But there's loads of competition in the market now with Leona, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks, Rhianna and even Cheryl Cole.

I reckon Overcome will top the charts for a week or two before being knocked off by Cheryl, her former X Factor mentor.

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Your Comments

"The album is so cool!"

Hermione, 11, London, England

"Oh Alex, you are the best singer in London, you got it."

Jessica, 10, Essex, England

"Not bad but JLS are WAY better."

Zahra, 13, Yorkshire, England

"Bad Boys is the best song I have ever heard! Alexandra rocks forever!"

Hannah, 10, London, England

"I think Alex is great. I love her new album and was jumping for joy last year when she won the X Factor. Bad Boys is my favourite! Apparently she was miming her X Factor performance. That's not good of her but who cares? I think she's more of a not pop singer but she still sounds fab!"

Ashleigh, 10, Cheshire, England

"Alexandra has come such a long way and I love this song! It's so catchy and upbeat and makes you feel good!"

Kenzie, 13, Suffolk, England

"I have heard the whole album and I think it is some really good R n B. She suits everything!"

Ara, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think this an amazing album I have been listing and dancing to bad boys all the time and i even have it on my phone."

Allie, 11, Bristol, England