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Last Updated: Friday October 23 2009 04:44 GMT

We're helping schools in Africa

Pupils from Northampton

School children from around the UK went to Parliament in a project to support children in Africa beat the food crisis.

Here's how some pupils from Northampton described their day.

"Our day started much earlier than usual!

A number of schools from Northampton came to our school early, since we were all to travel on the coach together to London.

We even had a BBC Radio Northampton presenter and a representative from the Prince's Trust who travelled with us.

It was just our luck to get stuck on the motorway - we were surrounded on all sides by traffic. We were boxed in!

Magnificent building

Finally we reached the outskirts of London to find closed roads and so we followed a diversion down some very narrow roads.

We arrived at the Houses of Parliament for a look around.

The words we thought about as we were guided around were - magnificent, wonderful, awesome, wicked!

During our visit the Greenpeace protesters were demonstrating about our climate.

They had climbed on to the roof of the Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

We were guided to the meeting for Schools for Africa which was to be held in Portcullis House.

The room was really packed with schools from all over the country.

Sally Keeble, the Member of Parliament for Northampton, introduced the Schools for Africa project to everyone.

Sad and angry

We watched a video about life in Africa and it shocked us.

None of us could really imagine how much a little toy or sweets could mean so much to those children in Africa, who have absolutely nothing.

We're used to so much and some of the children in countries in Africa like Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda made us feel ashamed, sad and angry at the same time.

Keep helping

Our school has supported Schools for Africa for a number of years - we feel good about ourselves that we can help.

We will keep helping! But we hope that all the world leaders will get their act together!

Little things

We won't forget the faces we saw in the video and what they need. The devastation, the crying, the hunger, those without anything.

Remember, a lot of little things together can make a big difference in these children's lives."

Ruby, Shreeya, Sam, Tom, Jake, Ajibul, Lauren, Year 6 pupils, Northampton

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